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Amy and Sheldon chat with a small child in Best Buy. Someone compliments them on a having a lovely family and walks off before they can correct the matter.



So precious. I hope I don’t disappoint, dear :)


Amy and Sheldon enter Best Buy, hand in hand, for the third time this week. Amy is beginning to loathe the sight of this store, but knows the game console decision is important to Sheldon, so she puts on a smile every time. As they approach the display, Sheldon drops her hand and Amy takes a half step back to give him his space. It all comes down to this: Xbox1 or PS4. While Sheldon is in full concentration, a small girl, who couldn’t be more than seven or eight, settles herself beside Sheldon. She is shocked when the little girl gives him a toothy grin and places her hand in his. Sheldon looked taken aback, but didn’t protest.

"Whattaya doin?" she inquired.

"Trying to decide which game console I should purchase," he answered, obviously still perplexed.

"Why don’t you get both?"

"Because it wouldn’t be financially wise to purchase both."

She squinted her eyes in confusion. This is when Amy notices how utterly adorable the small child is. Her hair is a muddy brown, much like Amy’s, and her eyes are a sharp blue, echoing Sheldon’s. She could be their child.

Noticing her confusion, he drops her hand to gesture his explanation, “These aren’t cheap, it wouldn’t be smart to buy both.”

"But you’ll be happier."

"I’m sorry?"

"If you get both, you’ll be happier."

He arched an eyebrow, “Explain.”

"If you buy one, you’ll be happy, but if you buy both, you’ll be happier. You won’t know what you’re missing."

Amy steps closer, astonished when she realizes her boyfriend is actually considering the child’s suggestion. The little girl beamed at Amy and Amy couldn’t help but beam back.

"Brilliant! Amy, why didn’t I think of this before?"

"I don’t know," she answers honestly.

"What a precious family!" they hear behind them. They turn around to see a sweet old lady approaching.

"Just look at this beautiful little girl," she cooed, bending over to pinch the child’s cheeks, she is a perfect mix of the two of you. You are a darling family."

She shuffles over to Sheldon and motions for him to bend down to her height so she can whisper into his ear. “And you’re wife is beautiful, just look at those eyes,” Sheldon turns his attention from the old woman to Amy, blushing slightly, “you’re a lucky man.”

Before Amy could protest, the woman was walking away.

"What’s your names?" the child asked.

"I’m Sheldon, and this is my girlfriend Amy."

"You guys are pretty together," she giggled, "I’m Sadie."

"Sadie!" they heard a desperate voice cry, "don’t you ever walk away like that again!" A woman with muddy brown hair clutched the child into an embrace. A tall man with sharp blue eyes was close behind.

"We were worried sick," the woman lifted her gaze between Amy and Sheldon, "thank you two so much for looking after her. Sadie, say thank you."

With that, the little girl ran to give both Sheldon and Amy a quick hug, “Bye Amy! Bye Sheldon!” she yelled as she became interested in a different display on the opposite side of the store. They mother shot them an apologetic look while the father just chuckled and followed after them.

After making his purchase, Sheldon and Amy walked side by side (his hands were full with his bags) on the way home. He looked over at her and smiled.

"That lady was right you know. I am a lucky man."

Amy blushed, not knowing what to say.

"And you’re a lucky woman too! Not every gal get’s a man with a 187 IQ!"

Amy rolled her eyes and laughed, “How did I ever get so lucky?”

Thank you so much! This is cute (and i can’t believe you wrote it so fast).

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Five Times Sheldon and Amy Did Not Meet…And One Time They Did


A Shamy collaboration, inspired by an idea Lio had at the Shamy thread at  Fanforum.

Chapter 1: The Hamburger Postulate, by XMarisolX

Chapter 2: The Peanut Reaction, by WeBuiltThePyramids

Chapter 3: The Codpiece Topology, by MusicKat18

Chapter 4: The Friendship Algorithm, by xLostInTheSun

Chapter 5: The Pants Alternative, by Lionne6

Chapter 6: The Lunar Excitation, by FoxPhile

April 4 2013, 8pm

Sheldon/Amy fanfic masterpost


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The Frequency Theorem by Lionne6


The Frequency Theorem

Category: Big Bang Theory
Character(s): Sheldon C. & Amy Farrah Fowler

Words: 4,037
Genre(s): Humor/Romance
Rating: Rated: K+

Summary: Amy learns the truth when she brings Sheldon a picnic dinner at his
office, and Sheldon gets his comeuppance.

P.S. Go read it and tell me if you found something that could be referenced to Jim Parsons.

If you leave a review for Momma Lio, I’ll tell you if your guess of which one was a JP reference is correct, based on what she said.:P

Boy, I tell you how hard I want to see that surprise from the story in the actual show.