April 2 2014, 11pm

A friendly reminder to all the spoiled people:


You know guys, spoilers/taping reports are blessings. They do not grow on trees. People take the effort on writing and making them. People with jobs to go to the following day, people who were exhausted after visiting Burbank, people who are probably visiting from two to four time zones away.

There are people who take the effort to organize this blessing for the fandom and without them we wouldn’t be having the taping reports up to this day. It also won’t exist without people devoting time to it, to make it and put their experiences into words. So please, be ever so patient and kind to those people who volunteered and devote portions of their times just to share with us spoilers. They’re heroes.

So, please


PLEASE be patient.

And be always thankful.


Thank you and have a great day. Spoil yourself, you deserve it too.